Our ecologically and socially sustainable community seeks new members!

Fuente Verde is a permaculturally designed organic farm/community that is offering people an opportunity to co-create their own neighborhood. The skilled and inspired, women, men and families of Fuente Verde are now welcoming new community members to participate in our contemporary sustainable lifestyle. We seek people who are friendly, conscious, talented, and who will compliment our harmonious vision.

Membership of Fuente Verde includes the following: your choice of available home sites, electricity and water to that site, equal-ownership of the entire farm, including all infrastructures, a growing number of revenue streams, respect and an equal voice. Memberships will be available for a total of 21 owner-neighbors. As of this writing, 13 of these memberships have already been filled.

We currently have available: $85,000 $65,000 $45,000 sites.

Pricing reflects varying views, privacy, maximum building size and location on the farm.

For more information on Fuente Verde investment-membership, internship/volunteer opportunities, accommodations, networking and/or onsite workshops, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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