Master Plan


DSCN1645-250The mission of Fuente Verde is to create a mixed-use ecologically designed community, where residents live within a working organic farm. As a model for sustainable living, Fuente Verde's goal is to create a community that is both ecologically and socially enriching. The greater farm will be comprised of working gardens, integrated animal systems, orchards, ponds and aquaculture facilities, nurseries and greenhouses. In essence, we are creating an engaging and productive neighborhood, safe and enjoyable for the entire family.


full-collared-aracari-250The vision of Fuente Verde is the integration of both community and sustainable agriculture. We are creating a model environment through regenerative design processes, where we live in greater harmony with one another and the landscape around us. In the celebration of diversity, equality, connectedness and democracy, we support the foundation for an enriching quality of life.


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Fuente Verde's farm and community infrastructure is well underway, including roads, bridges, drainage systems, terraced garden beds, a springwater catchment system, a covered green house, large mandala garden, extensive plantings of a diverse variety of fruit trees, 8 aquaculture ponds, and a 2,800-square foot volunteer house/community center. Infrastructure scheduled as part of the master plan includes guest cabins, a yoga/meditation platform, plant nursery, children`s playground/school and community center.

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Village Design

The placement and organization of members' houses and communal structures will be consciously designed to integrate Permaculture principles.

Sustainable Agriculture & Local Organic Food Production

On-site food production in an organic management framework. Production of resident's food needs through diverse and dynamic agricultural ecosystems, including forest gardens, integrated animal systems, aquaculture ponds, vegetable gardens and nurseries.

Ecologically Designed Housing

All buildings and structures will be designed for maximum eco-effectiveness. Eco-effectiveness ensures maximum material health and safety to humans and the environment. Use of local, reclaimed, renewable, recycled and low environmental impact construction materials will be prioritized. Design of structures for energy efficiency is a primary objective, including passive cooling, passive solar water heating, energy efficient fixtures and appliances.

Energy Conservation & Waste Management

Biological nutrients and biodegradable materials will be used for human purposes and safely returned to the environment to feed ecological processes. Technical nutrients, synthetic or mineral materials will be up-cycled, reused, or recycled. At least 70% of waste generated by residents and commercial operations within the development should be reclaimed, composted or recycled.

Clean Water

Potable water will be provided by one of two mountain spring sources. All water and wastewaters will be filtered on-site through natural biological processes, to be returned to the Earth in a beneficial manner.

Abundant Wildlife and Forests

Increase and promote local biodiversity and natural resource stocks through riparian preservation, biological corridors and reforestation.


Permaculture Design Courses and workshops can be arranged upon request. We have access to experienced and accredited teachers from the local area. Our Community Center can house up to 15 people, and we are happy to organize delicious meals for students prepared from locally-sourced organic ingredients. A Permaculture Design Course normally takes place over a 2-week period, with plenty of class time, tours of local area farms, and opportunites for hand-on experience. If you have a group and would like to hold a PDC course on Fuente Verde, please contact us for more information and pricing.

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